Joe Walsh Tours destination of the month Lake Constance, Germany
Destination of the month: Lake Constance

So, you can’t decide whether to go to Germany, Switzerland or Austria... We’ve got a destination that offers the best of the bunch; Lake Constance. Situated at the border of all three countries, this destination is packed with beautiful scenery and at the corner of Central Europe.

If you enjoy nature, you should definitely consider Lake Constance and its surrounding areas for an upcoming trip, the ideal spot for a relaxing holiday. Experience the Rhine Falls, one of the three waterfalls in Europe, and parts of the famous Allgäu from the lake up to the Alps. You will also witness stunning views of the Alps from the lake itself along the German shore. More than half of Lake Constance’s shoreline is based in Germany. It’s separated into 3 distinct areas; (Obersee) the north shore, (Uberlingen) the north-western arm and (Untersee) the lower lake area in the south-west. The climate of the Lake Constance area is characterised by mild temperatures.

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Adventures within Nature

The lake and its surrounding areas are a popular location for adventures and sports... Choose from hiking or biking along the Lake Constance Trail, to swimming, diving or boating along the lake to take in the area. The Reichenau Island, which is the biggest island on Lake Constance (also a UNESCO world heritage site) and the Mainau Island, which also gets called the flower island for its 45 hectare of impressive gardens with tropical vegetation are also two must-sees in that region.


Konstanz is the biggest city on the Lake Constance and a cultural center.  If you are planning to go there, you should see the beautiful harbor and old town. Built in the 11th century, Konstanz Minster is also famous for the tower, which you can climb up and have the best view over the city!

Another place you can see at Lake Constance is the German Stilthouse Museum, where you can explore living conditions of the lake's original residents. While in the area, you must check out the Lake Constance Nature Museum or the Zeppelin Museum. This destination is rich in castles, baroque churches, museums and picturesque villages; such as Salem Abbey and Meersburg Castle.

All in all, Lake Constance is the perfect destination for a relaxing trip filled with unique nature, interesting buildings and opportunities around every corner for an adventure! Check out our upcoming escorted tour to Munich and Lake Constance this Autumn or get in touch to find out more.

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Posted 13/02/2020