Destination of the Month - Lisieux, FranceDestination of the Month: Lisieux, France

Attracting a large number of tourists each year, Lisieux is well known for its religious connections. Located in the Normandy region in north western France and famously known as the home of St Thérèse, this destination is filled with history and beauty. It’s no wonder it attracts thousands each year.

Who is St Thérèse?

Known as “the Little Flower”, St Thérèse was born in Alençon on 2nd January 1873. Shortly after, St Thérèse and her family moved to Lisieux. It wasn’t long until Thérèse found herself spending most of her time in the Cathedral of Lisieux praying and meditating. At just 15 years old, she joined the Carmelites at Lisieux to pursue her life as a nun, filled with prayer and sacrifice.

At the age of 24 years old Thérèse died of tuberculosis. It was just two years later that her message was discovered through her autobiography. Along with St. Francis of Assisi, she’s one of the most popular saints in the history of the Carmelites church.

On 17th May 1925, St Thérèse was canonised and proclaimed as the greatest saint of all time by Pope Pius X. Since then, Lisieux has been massively affiliated with St Thérèse which has led it to become one of the most popular destinations for pilgrims. Filled with hidden gems, Lisieux has a rich history and culture to discover.

What to do?

There’s an array of things to do during your visit to Lisieux. Located on a hill overlooking the town is The Basilica of St Thérèse which was built in 1929. The basilica welcomes up to 2 million visitors each year from all around the world.

The basilica is spectacular both inside and out; displaying impressive arches, turrets and mosaics which depict her life. This church is also the home to the remains of St Thérèse’s parents who are kept inside a crypt.

The Cathedral of St Peter is where St Thérèse made her first confession. Her father, Blessed Louis Martin, donated the white marble high altar in 1888. St Thérèse attended mass daily at the Cathedral of St Peter.

Thérèse lived in a house named Les Buissonnets for 11 years before joining the Carmelites. This is now a highly popular tourist destination when visiting Lisieux and is a must to visit!

Once Thérèse joined the Carmelites she spent the next 9 years living at the Carmel Chapel before her passing in 1897.  

Destination of the Month - Lisieux, France
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Destination of the Month - Lisieux, France

Posted 18/07/2019