Destination of the Month - Lisbon, Portugal
Destination of the Month: Why you Must Add Lisbon to your Bucket List

Not only is it the capital, but it’s also Portugal’s largest city. Lisbon is seen as a leading city and for many good reasons. The city has something to offer for everyone; history, culture, food and beaches! If you haven’t got it on your bucket list already, then now is the time to add it...

Lisbon offers idealistic weather all year round – summers are sunny and hot while winters are mild. It’s a city that welcomes tourists any time of the year. The city is in close proximity to a number of beautiful beaches where everyone flocks to for the warmer months.

Lisbon Portugal city breaks

Beautiful Buildings

The city is filled with buildings on hillsides that are covered with colourful azulejo tiles. Azulejo tiles are very rarely seen outside of Portugal which is why they are a refreshing and vibrant touch to admire whilst visiting the city of Lisbon. There are many great spots throughout Lisbon where one can find some of the best azulejo mosaics, some of our favourites include; Fronteira Palace, Monastery of São Vicente de Fora, Fabrica Viuva Lamego and Queluz National Palace.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Not only is the city of Lisbon filled with beautifully designed buildings, but it’s also a foodie’s paradise. Fresh food is a reoccurring theme in many restaurants the city has to offer. Seafood is extremely popular, with traditional catches including; dourada (sea bream), bachalhau (salt cod) and sardinhas (sardines). If you’re a fan of Nandos, you will love Frango; Portuguese rotisserie chicken. The fast food restaurant chain has taken inspiration from one of Portugal’s most popular dishes.

Buzzing Nightlife

The nightlife in the city is buzzing. Fado is Portugal’s version of traditional folk music. This type of music actually grew from Lisbon. There are plenty of restaurants that offer dinner and a show together. These shows are filled with songs about longing, love, loss and sadness. Some of the best fado restaurants include; Parreirinha de Alfama, A Baiuca and Clube de Fado. For an inexpensive night out why not head to Bairro Alto or Cais do Sodré and take part in a bar crawl, just like the locals!

Lisbon has tonnes to offer for tourists and makes the perfect city break. As mentioned by the Culture Trip, “English feels like a second language”, so it’s the perfect place for those who want familiarity too.

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Posted 10/10/2019