Top 3 School Tour Destinations Right Now
Top 3 School Tour Destinations Right Now

School trips abroad are not only educational but also help students with personal development. Travel can open up students’ minds and allow them to experience different cultures, learn about historic events and step outside their comfort zone.

Joe Walsh Tours offer school tours to destinations all around the world that are filled with enjoyable learning experiences for students. So, we’ve put together our top 3 school tour destinations right now...

1. Barcelona, Spain

An extraordinary city filled with colourful architecture, a lively atmosphere and wonderful culture. Barcelona is best known for its outstanding artworks by Gaudí dotted in various locations around the city. This city is famously known as the home of Sagrada Família, Park Güell and Casa Milà.

With a variety of options on how to spend your time, this city offers something for everyone. Discover the history of the city, taste authentic Spanish food or wander around La Rambla.

If your group are interested in a sport focused trip training camps and matches can be arranged as part of any Barcelona tour to include rugby, hockey or soccer. Why not include a visit to Camp Nou while you’re there, you won’t be disappointed!

2. Krakow, Poland

Krakow is an ever-growing popular destination for young travellers as it’s packed with rich history, unique culture and an adventure at every corner.

Home of the largest city square in Europe, this city has stunning views on every doorstep. The Basilica of the Virgin Mary is a colourful church that is bursting with beauty. This architectural wonder is a must on your visit to Krakow. This destination is a perfect educational trip as the city contains so much history.

Poland had the largest Jewish population in Europe which made it most famous for its devastating stories from World War 2. Krakow was taken over by Nazis for many of their operations during the war. Auschwitz, the world’s most famous concentration camp still remains open for visitors today to learn about the tragic happenings during WW2.

A visit to the Jewish Quarter is a must whilst in Krakow to experience the traditional Polish food and lively atmosphere during the evening. The city is also famous for being the hometown of Pope John Paul II for 40 years before he became pope and moved to the Vatican City. Many treasure Pope John Paul II in Krakow as he helped bring on the fall of communism.

3. Paris, France

Paris is a city bursting with complete elegance; streets filled with architectural beauty and delicious food. There’s plenty to do in Paris, so much so that one trip may not be enough!

Look out over the city from the Top of the Eiffel Tower, visit the Mona Lisa along with many other wonderful pieces of art at the Louvre museum or pack your day with a fun filled adventure to Disneyland Paris. This city has plenty to offer with opportunities to step back in history and visit WWI and WWII battlefields also available.

Paris is one of our most popular destinations for school trips and this shows no sign of changing.


We can put together a completely bespoke package to best suit your needs. Let us know where you wish to see and we can put together an itinerary perfectly suited to your group.

Our school tour specialists know how to seamlessly combine study and travel, allowing your students to uncover new depths of culture and history. We also offer an array of actively challenging itinerary options, such as cycling, skiing and hiking. Furthermore, we also organise tours to destinations centered on particular subjects – we have dedicated itineraries for science tours, history, theatre and performing arts, sports, politics and more!

Check out our School Tours section to get started on your next trip, we offer tours to a variety of destinations worldwide.

Joe Walsh Tours specialise in creating unique educational experiences for your group. Get in touch to discuss your ideal school tour with one of our specialists now.


Posted 15/08/2019