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Charity Challenges Camino de Santiago

Why choose the Camino?

The Camino de Santiago is an excellent option for your fundraising challenge. As the world’s most famous pilgrimage route, its reputation means it is easier to get potential fundraisers excited about it, when compared to other route options. While traditionally a religious experience, the growth of its popularity means it has become a bucket list activity for religious and non religious people alike. The walk itself is also relatively easy and would is an achievable goal for anyone with a good level of fitness with some walking preparation done in advance. It is the perfect introduction to trekking and long distance walking for those who have no done anything like it previously.

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Top Tips

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Local Information

The most popular Camino route starts in St Jean Pied de Port in France, which is why it has become known as the French Way, even though the majority of it is in Spain. The full route is 800km long and takes a numbers of weeks to complete. In order to get a Camino Certificate however, pilgrims only need to complete the last 100km from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. As this takes around a week to do, it makes for the perfect Camino route for a charity challenge. The average walking day on this last section is around 22km which would see the group start and 9am and finish walking around 3:30pm or 4pm each day, with plenty of stops for breaks and lunch along the way. The walk can be completed in either 5 or 6 walking days. Doing the walk in 5 walk days involves combining 2 shorter walk days into one quite long day of 29km on which you may end up walking until 5pm or 6pm. But this is still manageable for all, and doing the walk in 5 days allows you a full free day in Santiago de Compostela.