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Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean cruises are an award winning cruise line, sweeping up at the Wave Awards 2019, winning Best Ocean Cruise Line, Best Family Cruise Line, Best New Ship Launch, Favourite Ocean Cruise Line and the Grand Prix Winner. Royal Caribbean has a wide variety of activities and amenities onboard their many ships. These deck side experiences aren’t the only pleasure you have to look forward to onboard. The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line caters for all kinds of cruise guest with ice rinks, climbing walls, and shopping malls at sea, robotic bar tenders, surf simulators and much more.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line dates back to 1968 when the cruise line was born. The founders Arne Wilhelmsen and Edwin Stephan thought of the idea to take three successful Norwegian shipping companies, and build a new cruise-liner business from scratch. These cruises are designed to suit every taste, energy level and age group, with their inventive ships and wonderful well known services. Royal Caribbean Cruises are well worth the adventure as they are some of the most innovative at sea

Why not live in the moment in the best possible way, with UK sailings from Southampton and Harwich to the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean and Northern Europe together with a wide range of fly and cruise holidays to the Caribbean, Mexico, the Panama Canal, Hawaii, North America and Alaska. A cruise with Royal Caribbean is something you don’t want to miss! Royal Caribbean cruises have flights available from Dublin, Cork and Shannon as well as a number of UK airports.

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