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Worldwide Stopovers to New Zealand

Please note that these are tailor made itineraries and not escorted tours.

Why not avail of a short stay in Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong or Thailand en route to Australia or New Zealand? A stop in these countries is necessary anyway and normally makes no difference to your airfare. Joe Walsh Tours can arrange accommodation in a wide range of hotels to suit your needs and budget.

Stretching south from Thailand to Singapore with tropical off-shore islands, the Malaysian Peninsula forms a beautiful barrier between the Indian Ocean and South Circular Sea. Famed for its indigenous Malay Tiger and the endangered Orang-utan the country’s main magnets are its vibrant capital Kuala Lumpur, its lively resorts and sun drenched beaches. Kuala Lumpur is a cosmopolitan city with lots to do and see including vibrant nightlife and excellent shopping. The islands of Penang & Langkawi are sure to offer a relaxing break en route to your final destination.

Originally a small fishing settlement, Dubai has exploded into a modern and cosmopolitan thriving city, offering the biggest and best in everything imaginable. Choose one of the superb hotels along the beach offering services and facilities that are second to none, or alternatively there is a wide range of better value hotels in the city, an ideal base for shopaholics.

On the surface modern day Singapore is a city of sky-scrapers and sophistication, but delve a little deeper and you will discover traces of colonial past and an intriguing blend of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures, people and cuisine. Singapore also offers excellent shopping and plenty of sightseeing.

Discover Amazing Thailand, the most popular holiday destination in the Far East. Spend a few days in Bangkok exploring the exquisite temples, backwater canals and the elaborately decorated Grand Palace that symbolises the unique culture of ancient Siam. Bangkok also boasts sophisticated shopping, excellent restaurants and legendary nightlife. If you want to stop-over in one of Thailand’s many beach resorts such as Pattaya, Phuket or Koh Samui please contact us for details.

Hong Kong
Compact, diverse, historic and with its blend of 20th century commercialism and centuries old Chinese culture, Hong Kong offers visitors a dazzling and unforgettable experience. Sensational shopping, gourmet dining, sophisticated and elegant avenues are the best known of Hong Kong’s attractions.

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